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This article reviews how to adjust and troubleshoot the audio settings related to the live stream. To adjust audio settings on trader alerts in the chat rooms, please see this article here.

If you are unsure of how to access the live stream or if the live stream is currently broadcasting audio, then first, please see this article here on how to pull up the screenshare, when to expect audio in each of the rooms, and how to see if audio is available.

This article talks  about:

Please note that our team will not be able to troubleshoot devices, browsers, or operating systems that are not compatible with our chat room platform. Full compatibility details can be found here.

Adjusting Screenshare Volume

To adjust live stream audio in the live trading room, hover over the screenshare image, and you'll see a volume bar appear. You can then adjust the lever on the volume bar to turn the audio up or down. Clicking the speaker phone icon will mute or unmute audio. See the images below.

Be aware that clicking on the screenshare can pause the stream. If you want to turn off this functionality, please right click the screenshare and un-check Show all controls.

What To Do If You Cannot Hear Stream Audio

If you are having trouble hearing audio, please first make sure you have:

  1. followed the guide above, and
  2. confirmed that audio is streaming per our guide here.

Next, please make sure:

  • That you can hear audio on other browser sites like YouTube (click here to test via our YouTube channel)
  • That you are using compatible browsers (full compatibility settings can be found here)
  • That the volume of your computer is on
  • That the browser window in which you are operating the stream is not muted
  • That you do not have any wired or bluetooth audio devices connected, and that your preferred speaker is the audio source
  • That you have temporarily disabled any firewall or third-party antivirus such as Norton or McAfee.

If you have gone through those steps and can still confirm that audio is still not being played through your browser, then you might have a browser or windows setting issue.

How to Adjust Chrome Audio Settings

  1.  In the top-right corner, click on the three vertical dots.
  2.  Go to Settings.
  3.  Navigate to Privacy and security in the left sidebar.
  4.  In the right-hand pane, click Site Settings.
  5.  Scroll down and click on Additional content settings.
  6.  Go to Sound settings.
  7.  Instead of Don't allow sites to play sound, select Sites can play sound.
  8.  Make sure that the chatroom is not on the Not allowed to play sound list.
  9.  Try to load it into the chatroom screenshare again to see if it is working.

How to Check the Volume Mixer on Windows

  1. Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar by the clock.
  2. Select Open volume mixer.
  3. Make sure that the volume is turned all the way up for Chrome or whichever compatible browser you are using (if you do not see your browser, please continue to scroll down the list to find it).
  4. Perform a hard refresh of the chatroom screenshare window again to see if it is working now. (How to hard refresh: If you're using Google Chrome or MS Edge browser, hold Shift and press F5. If using Firefox, hold Ctrl and press F5.)

If issues persist, we recommend that Windows 10 users view this article for information on how to open ports in their Windows 10 firewall. As needed, members can submit a bug report for technical issues with the chat room platform. This article will show you how.

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