Do you provide account management services? I was contacted by someone claiming to be Ross Cameron or a Warrior Trading representative.

Please note that Warrior Trading does NOT provide account management services, and we will never offer to trade your account for you. Our business and our trading educators are focus on education so that our members can learn to trade for themselves.

We have been made aware of imposter accounts being created on various social media sites with the purpose of scamming customers while posing as our CEO, Ross Cameron, or other representatives of Warrior Trading. These imposters reach out to aspiring traders on various social media channels, WhatsApp, or Google services to ask questions and encourage account management programs. Please note that neither Warrior Trading nor our individual trading educators provide this type of service. We also do not recommend other specific people who do provide this service.

Click for more information on:

Avoiding Scams & Impostors

Here are some things to remember:

  1. We will only email from an email address (ross@warriortrading, team@warriortrading, etc.). We will NEVER use a public email client such as or  Assume any email from those domains are not from us.
  2. We will never message you from an account other than our official accounts listed below.
  3. We do not trade Binary Options, nor do we actively trade Cryptocurrency. We focus only on stocks traded on the U.S. Markets, like the New York Stock Exchange.
  4. We will never tell you to open an account at a specific broker and/or ask you for your login to any broker to trade your account for you.
  5. We will never ask for your money for us to trade with and share profits with you.

Check out this video where Ross shows how imposters might appear on social media.

Warrior Trading on Social Media

Following a company's confirmed social media pages can help in that you will more easily be able to see if you are already following an account that attempts to reach out to you. Keep in mind, however, that imposters may use a business' "following" list to attempt to find people to reach out to privately.

The following are links to social media accounts used by Warrior Trading:

Ross also has @rosscameronblog on Instagram.

You can find some of our moderators and All-Star Traders on social media as well! Please note that our the same rules as above apply -- our moderators will never reach out to you first and will never ask you for money or to trade for you. The following are the only verified social media accounts for our moderators:

We do NOT use any other apps or social media platforms, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Most of our social media accounts are verified, which means our account has a "verified" check mark. Looking for that check mark and understanding that we will not ask for personal information or money to trade can help to tell an impostor account from our real accounts.

If You've Been Contacted by an Imposter

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be Ross Cameron or a representative of Warrior Trading, please let us know by submitting a support request with the details about the account you have been contacted on. It is very helpful for us to have details about the account so that we can report it as soon as possible, to protect the members of our community who put their trust in us. You can see details for finding information on and reporting accounts below.

If you feel that you have been victimized, or have transferred money or shared sensitive information, you can file a complaint with your local police and on the Internet Crime Complaint Center here:

Facebook - Desktop

Click here for how to submit the report.

Facebook - Mobile App


Submitting the report:

Facebook Messenger: How to report an impersonator on Messenger


To share an Instagram profile with us, you can simply share the URL if you are on a desktop. From the mobile app, tap the "..." button towards the top-right corner of the profile and then tap "Copy profile URL." That will copy the profile link to your clipboard, and you can then paste it in a message to us.

To report a profile on Instagram, can do so on mobile by clicking the 3 dots that appear at the top of the profile, and then click Report > It's inappropriate > I believe this account violates Instagram's community guidelines. > Report account > This profile is pretending to be someone else > A celebrity or public figure > and then enter "Warrior Trading" and select our verified profile from the list.


You can report directly from an individual Tweet or profile for certain spam and impersonation. Twitter provides a step-by-step guide for how to do so here: 

You can also use this form on Twitter's website to report impersonation here: 


To share a LinkedIn profile with us, you can simply share the URL if you are on a desktop. On the mobile app, click the ... button and click "Share via..." and then "Copy." That will copy the profile link to your dashboard, and you can then paste it in a message to us.

To report a profile on LinkedIn from your own account, click the ... button (on the mobile app, it is "More ...") and then select Report / Block  > Report this profile > I think this person is impersonating someone > Submit.

If you have been contacted via LinkedIn Messenger, please report the conversation. Click the . . . at the top, and then tap or click "It's spam or a scam" when LinkedIn asks why you're reporting the conversation.

On the next screen, tap or click "It's a scam, phishing or malware"

Google (Hangouts, Gmail, Google+)

  • Google Hangouts: We do not contact customers through Google Hangouts. Please click here for how to report.
  • Google Plus: We do not contact customers through Google Plus. Please click here for how to report.
  • Gmail: We do not contact customers using an email address. Please click here for how to report.


Note: The Telegram account @RossCameronWarriorTrading is the only account that we own. We do not use this account for anything EXCEPT to report scam accounts.

To block a user:

To report a channel:

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