Broker Recommendations: US & International


Warrior Trading teaches trading in the financial markets of the United States. This article can be helpful for both US and international traders looking for more insight on appropriate brokerages to use for trading the US markets. So whether you're in the US, are our neighbors in Canada or Mexico, or are trading overseas from the UK, Germany, Singapore, or elsewhere, this article may be helpful for you!

What is the best brokerage for me?

The "best" brokerage will differ from trader to trader and depend on each person's unique needs and trading styles, as well as any restrictions that might apply based on where you are located in the world. We've supplied some information below about our favorite brokerages, though this choice is ultimately up to you as a trader! Here are some articles that might help you choose which are a good fit for you when you're ready to trade live:

Keep in mind that gaining a proper education and trading in a simulator first is always recommended before opening a live trading account! Here's more on why you should avoid opening a brokerage account right away:

In addition to brokerage reviews on our website, you may also be interested in Ross Cameron's broker reviews on YouTube here. If you are a Warrior Trading student, you can refer to the "Trading Tools Demos & Layouts" section of the program for demonstrations of various trading .

What are some of Warrior Trading's favorite brokerage platforms?

Traders looking to day trade the US markets can often narrow down their options by first understanding what amount they will be opening their trading accounts with. The US has a $25,000 balance mandated by the PDT rule, which states that traders must have at least that amount in their brokerage account to day trade at a brokerage within the United States.

Don't have $25k for day trading?

  • US and international traders (except those from Canada) can consider the offshore brokerages Capital Markets Elite Group (CMEG) since they require only $500 minimum balance and allow to open an active day trading account. You can see our CMEG review here:
  • Day trading in a cash account at a US brokerage is also a popular option for small accounts.

International traders, can also consider brokerages like TradeZero. You can see our TradeZero review here:

Canadian traders: popular brokerages include QuesTrade, TD Direct, and Interactive Brokers -- you can see if one of those are a good fit for you in this support article here: Canadian Brokerage Options

A few brokers offer Broker Rebate Programs for our Warrior Pro students, which qualify our students for discounted commission rates. So if you are a Warrior Pro student and looking for a broker that will give discount commission rates, click to check out the details of our Broker Rebate Program. Participation in a Broker Rebate Program is not required

Which brokerages and platforms does Ross Cameron use?

Ross Cameron typically trades with Lightspeed as his primary broker and eSignal for charting. He previously used Trade Ideas for scanning but has switched to using the new WT Scanner software available in our chat rooms.

There are many other options available for traders to choose from as well. Check out some others here.

Ross used Suretrader for his 2017 Small Account Challenge because they have a $500 min balance. As Suretrader is no longer an available brokerage, Ross traded with Capital Markets Elite Group (CMEG) for his December 2019 Small Account Challenge. In January 2020, Ross started a small account at TD Ameritrade. You can see more about those Small Account Challenges on YouTube here:

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