How long does it take to complete the trading education?

We often get asked how long members can expect it to take to complete Warrior Trading's training or trading education.

The amount of time that it takes to finish the Warrior Pro curriculum varies very much from individual to individual. Some members decide to watch all of the trading strategies that we teach, which will take significantly longer than it will for a member who decides to watch just one or two of our trading strategies. Other factors that influence the amount of time it takes the finish the course are participation in the chat room sessions and mentoring sessions, prior knowledge of trading and/or the markets, and general learning tendencies. Prior knowledge, tech-savviness, and the amount of time invested in learning are just some common factors that determine when a member might be ready to trade live.  Some members will take a bit longer to understand the strategies, and that's okay!

We also recommend that members practice in a trading simulator (such as the one available for our members to purchase) and that they demonstrate at least 4 weeks of consistent profits before considering a live account. We strongly advised against traders trading live before they have finished the classes and practiced in a trading simulator.

What is the class schedule?

Our classes are pre-recorded and available to be streamed anytime from active membership. This means that members with a busy schedule can sign into their account at any time to watch the lessons, as long as they have an internet connection! The lessons also have downloadable PDFs for students' personal use, which can come in handy for reviewing the classes when you are away from your computer or your membership is on hold.

Our live trading room does currently run live during market hours, but anyone who is unable to observe and participate can always catch up through the daily recaps that we post on YouTube:

Please note that our trading simulator uses real-time data only, and does not have market playback available at this time. However, there are other platforms that can be used to practice trading when the markets are closed.

Our Warrior Pro membership does provide the option to enroll in our weekly group mentoring sessions. These sessions are also available through replays, so anyone who cannot attend live will not miss out.

And of course, our Customer Support Team is happy to help answer any questions that cannot be asked during live sessions. Some of our trading educators and mentors assist on our support team, so our students receive high-quality support in both live and email settings.

How many hours of content are included in the classes?

To help give you an idea of the amount of content included in the classes themselves, our syllabus here and trading courses pages shows the approximate length of each of the courses we have. If the amount of content is overwhelming to you, please keep in mind that many traders focus on one strategy that is effective for them, rather than attempting to master many strategies that may not even be feasible for them given their account size, trading schedule, and personal preferences. Our team is also happy to help with any questions that might help point you in the right direction..

Most of the courses also come with quizzes and additional study materials to supplement the class videos. For Warrior Pro members, we also offer several hours of recorded demos of live trading tools, and over 200 hours of recorded mentoring sessions on various topics.

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