Can I day trade on a Mac / Apple computer?

There are many traders around the world who use Macs for trading and day trading. However, it is important to know about certain limitations that you may encounter as a Mac-user in the trading world.

Most trading tools are designed for updated Windows operating systems like Windows 11. The simulator that we use here at Warrior Trading is included in that long list of platforms. This means that Mac users do have the option to install Windows on their Mac, which can be done through software such as BootCamp (which is native to Apple), or virtual machines like Parallels or VMware Fusion. Installing Windows through one of these crossover platforms will allow Mac-users to run a Windows operating system on which they can then install Windows-compatible software.

Keep in mind that the new M1 Chips on macs do not support Bootcamp anymore,  and we've noticed an influx of users with newer Apple computers and M1 chip who are unable to effectively download Windows or our simulator platform, among other issues.

While many traders and members at Warrior Trading have had success with this process, there are some drawbacks to consider, particularly for those who may not be as tech-savvy. Virtual machines take up space on the Mac's hard drive, which can lead to the Mac running slower and not operating as efficiently. However, this is less of a concern with Macs with larger capacity (bigger hard drives and processing power). BootCamp, which is free to Mac users and does not take up as much space on the hard drive since it is native to Apple, does not allow users to transfer content between the iOS and Windows OS, and does not allow users to run both OS simultaneously. However, BootCamp does allow Windows to access the full processing power of the device, ensuring best speeds.

For more specific information installing the WT Sim on Mac, you can refer to this article here. Please note that Warrior Trading's educational content is fully accessible via Mac, and our live trading room can be accessed on a Mac running either Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. You can see full compatibility for the live trading rooms here.

There are some trading platforms and trading tools that have Mac-friendly software for traders to use. However, this is not standard. Many will market their browser-based platforms as Mac-friendly since no installation is required and one simply needs to sign into the platform via a browser. An important note for this is that browser-based platforms tend to be less stable, and less compatible with hot keys, and are not recommended for high-momentum trading strategies such as Ross Cameron's small cap day trading strategies due to the potential instability.

Since Warrior Trading and most brokerages will not be able to assist in the installation of Windows on a Mac device, and may not have iOS-friendly software available, many traders who don't want to go through the hassle of installing Windows on their Mac will often purchase a Windows computer to have a designated device for trading. If you're considering doing so, feel free to take a look at our tips for buying a trading computer:

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