Re-Install or Update Simulator to Latest Version

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Re-Install and Update Guide

Note this guide is only for the WT Simulator, not for other Sterling platforms.

It also only applies to Windows 10 or 11 per our system requirements here.

If you have previously installed the simulator on your system and need to reinstall or update to the latest version, please follow the instructions below:

  1. First, make sure you are logged onto the Administrative account/profile on your Windows computer (most common if you are using a work computer).

  2. Write down the Trader ID and password that you use to sign in to the WT Sim platform, as you will need to re-enter your Trader ID while installing.

  3. Make sure your current WT simulator program is turned off / not open on your system.

  4. Turn off any antivirus software or firewall, as it might prevent you from installing the software.

  5. Click on this link to begin downloading the latest WT Simulator version:

    Please note: this is a safe file. Firewall and anti-virus systems often mislabel files from lesser-known makers (like Sterling, who makes the software, as opposed to a larger company like Microsoft) as a way to warn their users of potentially harmful files from unknown senders. If your browser prevents the download of the file, for this reason, you can ask it to allow the file anyway.

  6. ***VERY IMPORTANT***  After the download completes, right-click the install shield and click “Run as Administrator.” If you do not have the option to Run as Administrator, please proceed, as we will assume you are the administrator of the computer.

  7. Go through the installation process by following the software prompts, using the Trader ID you wrote down in the steps above.

  8. Decide if you would like to preserve any custom layouts/hotkeys or if you would like the system to overwrite them with the default layouts. (Note this procedure has changed since any version before 12.14.6.)

    • If you do NOT want to save any of your hotkeys and layouts, proceed to step 9.

    • If you DO want to save your custom hotkeys and layouts, please follow the guide for transferring hotkeys and layouts below(You can also come back to this step in the future to get your old layouts and hotkeys if you skip this step now.)

  9. Proceed to sign in with your prior simulator credentials when ready to use the platform.

  10. Once the installation is complete, double-click the shortcut on your desktop to launch the simulator.

If you have issues with the login, please make sure you are using the correct ID and follow this guide.

Guide for Transferring Hotkeys and Layouts (Windows 10/11)

  1. To restore your hotkeys:

    1. Go to your old simulator folder in: C>Program files (x86)> Warrior > Warriortrading Sim and find the file called $StiHotKey.dat

    2. Copy this file to your new simulator folder in:  C>Program files> Warrior > Warriortrading Sim

  2. To obtain your layouts from the previous version:

    1. Go to where you saved your simulator layouts, By default, they should be in C>Program files (x86)> Warrior > Warriortrading Sim> Layouts

    2. Transfer all your layouts to : C>Program files > Warrior > Warriortrading Sim> Layouts

    3. The next time you load into your simulator, you can load your layouts and set your layout to the default per this guide

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