How to Use the Elgato Stream Deck with WT Sim Sterling Software

The Elgato Stream Deck can work with the Warrior Trading Simulator (WT Sim) and other instances of Sterling Trader Pro. 

Please note: the following information was provided as a courtesy of Warrior Trading members. Warrior Trading is not able to fully support the use or troubleshooting of any stream deck. Additionally, your brokerage will not be responsible for any malfunction of a stream deck. Remember to always test hotkeys or stream deck settings in a simulated environment before using them on a live trading account. For any further questions or issues with the stream deck, you should reach out directly to the provider of the stream deck.

This article is designed to help with getting the Elgato Stream Deck to work with the WT Sim software after the device is already configured. If you don't already have your Stream Deck configured the way you want it, we recommend reviewing the large amount of information elsewhere (such as Elgato resources) about how to configure it first. Here is a YouTube video provided by a member for setting up the keys. The script referred to in the video is attached to the bottom of this article.

In short, once the keys are configured, to operate the Stream Deck with WT Sim, you need to start the Stream Deck Windows service in Administrator mode. See details below.

What is administrator mode?

Running any software in administrator mode requires that you understand and accept the security and privacy concerns which are inherent in this mode.   If you don’t understand what using administrator mode means for your system security, then please do not proceed. If you do not have permissions to make changes to your system security settings, you may not be able to proceed with complete setup. Using an employer laptop is the most common reason that one might not have access to running programs from administrator mode.

Because the Sterling Trading software runs in administrator mode, the Stream Deck Windows service also needs to run in the same mode to be able to inject hotkeys. This is for system security. 

How to run Stream Deck in Admin mode:

  1. Close the Stream Deck Client (configuration software) if it is open.
  2. Terminate the currently-running copy of the Stream Deck Windows service (see below) in the Windows system tray (right side of the task bar).

  3. Right click on the program icon or shortcut for the Stream Deck Client.   Select “Run as Administrator”.  

    NOTE: When you restart the Stream Deck Client software, it automatically starts the Windows service – visible in the system tray (it is the Windows service which is important, not the Stream Deck Client software).
  4. Start the Sterling Trader Pro software now if it’s not already running.   Once it is running, then check that the Stream Deck is showing the correct profile (if you are using per Application profiles).  If you are only use the Default profile, then you this will still be Default.  How to configure custom profiles is not included in this article.

  5. The Stream Deck should now be showing the right set of buttons to test your hot keys both in the WT Sim and using the Elgato Stream Deck.   Select the appropriate window in WT Sim, and then press the Stream Deck button you want.     



Everything you have done so far only works until you restart Windows.   Once you restart Windows you are back at square one – all the above changes are lost.    

To make these changes permanent there are two more things to do:

  1. Set the Stream Deck executable to run in Administrator mode by default, and 
  2. Create a Windows task scheduler entry to automatically start it at logon – because Windows doesn’t tend to automatically start administrator mode applications.

CAUTION:  You do not have to do the extra step(s).   Instead, you should just repeat the above whenever you are using the Stream Deck with Sterling Trader Pro.

“Why would I NOT want it to work automatically after reboot?” :   Because administrator mode is restricted for a reason.  If you allow the Stream Deck software to run in administration mode then you are trusting it to be well behaved inside your system, and not to do anything malicious.  You should ALWAYS question and ask yourself “how much do I trust this software” for any software that you allow to run in administrator mode.

Warning: In Admin mode you are also trusting any plugins that you use with your stream deck (Twitch, etc.).  We would strongly encourage you NOT to use Admin mode if you make extensive use of the Stream Deck for other applications, such as streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that you get used to restarting the Stream Deck Windows service in administrator mode whenever you want to use Sterling Trader Pro (Steps 1 to 5 above).

Special thanks to Warrior Traders Steve B. and Paul V. for providing this information for the community!  

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