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Before signing market data agreements for any trading tool, traders should know whether they are professional or non-professional user. Click here for information on how to determine your status or if you are a Professional Non-Professional.

Non-professional users can sign market data agreements by following the steps below.

Please note: if you register as a non-Professional user and are determined to be a Professional user, the compliance team at QuoteMedia, the company that supplies the market data for the scanners, may contact you for more information. 

If you are unemployed or retired please still enter in your last employer's information -- we will not contact them; the information is simply for the market data compliance team to see if your previous job was involved in the financial industry or not or to see if you might be considered a Professional.

How to Sign Market Data Agreements for Scanners (Non-Professional)

First, make sure that you are not running any third-party pop-up blockers or antivirus software on your computer or browser. If you are using a VPN, please disable it to avoid potential issues.

Then sign into the chat room if you are not already signed in. Click here to learn how, or click here for the login page.

Next, open any scanner by going to Scanners from the left-hand menu, and selecting any scanner that you have access to (clicking Charting will work as well if you have charting access included with your subscription).

Please follow the prompts in the images below to complete the agreements as a non-professional.

This will lead you to a market data agreements page from QuoteMedia. Market data providers like QuoteMedia need information in order to provide you with real-time market data to platforms like the Warrior Trading scanners. This agreement form is pretty standard for any live trading tool, so it's good to get some exposure to what this kind of form may look like!

If you are stuck at "Processing" after clicking Submit, check if a new browser tab or window popped up, or make sure any ad-blockers and pop-up blockers are turned off. Click here for information on how to disable a pop-up blocker.
If you are a professional user, please click here.

Please check the First Name and Last Name fields for any trailing spaces. If there are any extra spaces after your first and last name, please backspace them, as this will cause an issue when you complete the last step to sign the form.

If you have a middle name, please fill it out on the form as this will help QuoteMedia identify you more easily. If you do not have a middle name, simply input N/A. Filling out this agreement may help the market data provider distinguish you from another person who is registered in the FINRA database as a professional trader. You may receive an email from to confirm your middle name or other information if you do not fill out the form fully.

If you get an error message that you need to fill out employer functions and you have already done so, try simplifying the content in this field if what you have typed is very long.

What you enter for your signature must match what you have in the First Name and Last Name fields for the Personal Information section exactly. If you receive an "Invalid Signature" error, please confirm that there are no extra spaces in the Personal Information section and that your signature matches your name exactly.

YOU MUST SIGN OUT AND SIGN BACK INTO THE WARRIOR TRADING WEBSITE AFTER COMPLETING THE AGREEMENTS. You'll now have live market data upon entering the chat room and accessing scanners.

Remember that some scanners such as the High of Day Momentum (HOD Momo) scanner will not have relevant data to scan for pre-market. Feel free to review more scanner information here.

If you continue to have any issues receiving scanner data, please feel free to email us at or submit a ticket using the link below. For fastest assistance, please make the subject line of your email or ticket "Scanner Issues."

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