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How to Access Charting

To access our charting platform, you must:

Members with charting access can open the software by following the steps below:

  1. Sign into the live trading room platform (click here for detailed steps)
  2. In the platform, click the Charting button that appears on the bottom left-hand side under Tools. This will add a new chart widget to your chatroom window.
  3. If you receive a message indicating that you need to sign the market data agreements, follow the prompts to activate or reactivate live market data, and then sign out and back into the live trading room platform.

Mobile users, please read about the mobile experience here, and keep in mind that:

  • Only one window or chart can be used at one time.
  • Your chart widget will have full capabilities besides color window linking.

How to Use the Charting Platform - General Walkthrough

The video below is a demo of our charting platform and features. For more details about the individual features of the platform, please be sure to also review other support articles.

Tip: Most features and icons will display more information if you hover over it for more than 2 seconds.

Markets and Data and Hours Available

Charting is available 24/7. However, live market data from the exchanges is only available from 4 am EST to 8 pm EST.

Our charting software includes all US Equities and ETF level one data:

  • NYSE Level 1- Tape A
  • Amex Level 1 - Tape B
  • Nasdaq Level 1- Tape C

It does not include the following:

  • Level two data
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Crypto
  • Non-US exchange data

How Warrior Trading Charts Compare to TradingView


Warrior Trading charts are based on TradingView’s software, a popular third-party service that offers a full suite of charting tools and features to help users analyze and trade the markets. To provide our members with a great experience, we have tailored features of this existing software to meet the standards, requests, and expectations of our members.

Our members can use our charts within the same browser window as our chatroom and popular scanners, stock quotes, news, and watchlist widgets. This helps reduce the number of separate platforms, apps, and market data subscriptions that traders need.

Our charts offer a mix of features that are available to Pro+ and Premium members at TradingView. Key features included are:

  • Unlimited charts per browser window
  • Unlimited indicators per chart
  • Up to 6 windows per chatroom layout
  • Real-time US market data for sub-second price data updates
  • 10-,15-, and 24-second timeframe charts
  • Volume profile indicators
  • The ability to save custom chart and indicator templates
  • A linkable watchlist widget per each chatroom window
  • Filtering out of ADF Orders for cleaner charts

Additional Information

Please remember to refer to our other articles in the charting section of our support portal here to learn more about the features of our charts.

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