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How to Save and Load a Single-Window Chat Room Layout

How to Save and Load a Multi-Window Chat Room Layout

Terminology for Chatroom Layouts

Widget: A widget is an individual box within the Warrior Trading platform for rooms or tools which can be selected from the left sidebar. The image below identifies a chat room widget (yellow outline), a charting widget (blue outline), and a stock quote widget (white outline):

Window: This term refers to your browser window that displays our platform and may hold multiple widgets within it. The image above is one window.

Main window: This is the first window that appears when you enter the platform, and from which you may pop out other windows.

  • If your profile picture is visible on the bottom left of the window, this will indicate it is the main window .
  • The pop-out function only works from this main window.

Pop-out window: This refers to any browser windows created from your main window by either using the pop-out feature on the top right of the window or the pop-out feature from the layout settings. 

  • Currently, you are only allowed a maximum of 5 extra pop-out windows.
  • You cannot pop out a new window from a pop-out window.

Layout: a specific arrangement of widgets within one window.

  • You are currently allowed an unlimited number of chart widgets per window.
  • Only one of each widget is allowed per window for the chatrooms, watchlist, or individual scanner.  
  • These are divided into three categories, shown below.

Types of Layouts

  1. Warrior Trading Window Layouts: public layouts of one window, curated by our team. 
    • You cannot edit this layout, but you can save new personal layouts based on it.
    • The green "D" in this section (as shown below) identifies which layout is set as the default layout for new users or after you clear your cache and cookies.
  2. Personal Window Layouts: layouts of one window that you created and saved
    • There is currently a limit of 5 personal window layouts. If you reach this limit, you will see: Windows Limit Reached
  3. All Chatroom Windows DefaultThis layout includes the main window and all pop-out windows that you last saved locally to your browser's cache.
    • This layout will not auto-save. You must save this as default anytime you make a change and before you exit the platform. Read more below regarding how to save a layout.
    • The default layout will load the next time you sign in or refresh your page.
    • This is an example of how a 2-window default layout might look

Adjusting Chat Room Layout

Watch the video below for a full demonstration of how to add windows and widgets and adjust layouts.

If you are having trouble getting external / popped-out windows to appear when loading a layout, please remember to check if your pop-up blocker is interfering.

Other Resources Referred to in the Video

How to Save Chatroom Layouts

You can save your current widgets to your personal window layouts by following these steps:

  1. Make your preferred layout in one window.
  2. In the same window, go to Layouts > Save Current Window.
  3. Enter a name that will help you identify the layout.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat the process for any other windows if you have a multi-window layout.

How to Save a Layout as Default (to Appear on Login)

It can be a good habit to save your layout before signing out each day if you make changes. If you would like to both save your layout and sign out, you must first complete the steps previously explained for saving the layout of each window.

Then, you can simply click your profile picture in your main window, followed by Save & Logout.

Please note that this layout is saved to your browser cache, so your browser window will only populate this layout if you use the same browser with cache intact (do not use a private browser window or clear cache).

Alternatively, the steps below will keep you signed in while also allowing you to save all windows to your settings (rather than just your browser cache):

  1. Finalize the layouts for all open platform windows by following the steps previously listed above for saving the layout.
  2. In your main window, click Layouts > Save all windows as Default.
  3. A gray indicator will appear, showing the save was successful and a timestamp. You can click Close to exit.

How to Load, Pop Out, or Delete a Layout

For all your personal layouts, you can choose from the following:

  • Load the layout: This will load the layout in the same window you are using and replace what you currently have.
  • Pop up the layout: This will load the layout in a new window.
  • Delete the layout: This will delete this saved layout.

Troubleshooting Pop-Out Windows

If you are having trouble getting external / popped-out windows to appear when loading a layout, please check if your browser is blocking pop-ups. If you are not familiar with your browser's pop-up settings, this article may help.

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