6. Saving and Loading Charts Layouts | WT

Please note that this article covers saving chart layouts for WT Charts.

If you are looking for information on saving the complete chat room layout, and multiple windows in the WT platform, click here.

If you are looking for information on saving indicator templates for charts, click here.

In this article, you will learn:

About Chart Layouts

Chart layouts are helpful for loading a custom layout or adding a new chart without having to manually apply each setting you've used before. 

Chart layouts will save the following for each chart widget: 

Chart layouts do not save:

Read on below to learn specifics of chart layouts, or start with the video as a guide of overall layout functions.

How to Save Chart Layouts

  1. From the top toolbar of the chart, click the blue Save icon (you may need to scroll to the right on your chart until you see the Save icon). If you have the chart widget selected, you can also save the chart layout by pressing Ctrl+S.
  2. A new widget will pop up for you to name the layout.

IMPORTANT: You cannot save any layout name starting with WT, and you cannot save over the default WT layouts. Any changes made to them will not save.

If you would like to make a change to a default WT layout, use the Make a copy function first and then save your copy of the layout under a different name.


How to Rename and Copy Chart Layouts

  • Rename: If you already have a current layout selected, you can use this function to rename the layout.
  • Make a copy: If you already have a chart layout selected, you can use this function to duplicate a copy of the layout with an option to rename it.

How to Load Chart Layouts

Use this function to load any public or custom layouts by clicking the down arrow that appears to the right of the Save button on the chart top widget, as in the image below.

Shortcut to Load layout: "." (the period key)

Preload Ross's Charting Layouts

If you want to pre-load Ross's Charting layouts you can create 4 separate charts and load in each of the default layouts called:

  • WT 10 Sec
  • WT 1 Min
  • WT 5 Min
  • WT 1 Day

You can also load all these at once or multiple times to different screens using the Chatroom default layouts, found in the Layouts section of your settings in the Chatroom. This default layout is called "4 Linked Charts WT Default"

The layout will look like this: 

Error Can't create or edit public layout

If you get the error message: "Can't create or edit public layout," please click on the layout and select the "Make a copy" function.

Then, rename your copied layout to your preference, without "WT" in the title.

Next Steps

Please remember to refer to our other articles in the charting section of our support portal here to learn more about other features of our charts.

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