Per our compatibility settings, the full experience of the Warrior Trading chat room platform is not compatible with tablets, mobile devices, or the Safari browser. Please click or tap here to see full compatibility requirements. However, our team has made our older version of the chat room platform available to mobile users in the meantime while an updated mobile-friendly layout is created. Please note that scanners are not accessible on mobile/tablet at this time. However, the chat room and live stream should be available by following the steps below.

Please keep in mind that users may be more likely to experience lag and latency issues on a mobile network.


Step 1: Enable Pop-Ups

By default, the chat room will open up to the Small Cap Live Trading Room. Allowing pop-ups on your mobile device or browser will allow you to open other rooms and the live video streams.

The instructions below review how to enable pop-ups on Safari browser on iPhone/iPad. If needed, please refer to instructions on how to enable pop-ups on other devices or browsers.

  1. Go to your iOS settings and click on Safari or other settings for other browser you are using.
  2. Toggle off the setting to "Block Pop-ups"

Step 2. Access the Chat Room

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click the blue button to enter the chat room.
  3. The next page is the chat room access page. If you are not familiar with our chat room rules, please review them first. Then, tap the button to enter the chat room.
  4. From here, you may see the Small Cap Room as default. To open another room, click the blue --> arrow to get to the menu, and then the Rooms icon to view the list of rooms.

  5. You can then tap which room you want to open. Your browser may prompt you that a new page is trying to open. Click to allow this.

Reminder: as mentioned above, scanners are not currently available on this mobile platform. For the best experience, please use a device and browser that meets the compatibility requirements listed on this page here.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.