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The Stock Quote widget, also known as the Symbol Lookup widget, is used to view fundamental data and can be clicked on to load more information and news onto a new browser tab. This article reviews how to use this widget and cash tags for news.

In this article, you will learn:

How to Add a Stock Quote Widget

One stock quote widget can be added per platform window. To add the stock quote widget, simply click Scanners > Stock Quote.

Within the Stock Quote widget, you can view current and live information for the stock, as shown below:

About Quote Pages and Functions of the Quote Widget

Using the search bar and pressing Enter will pull up information for the associated stock. The letters do not need to be capitalized when searching here.

If using the color link function, you can click on tickers or enter stock tickers on other linked widgets to make them appear on the stock quote widget. Similarly, the color link function allows you to type tickers on the Stock Quote widget and simultaneously have them appear in other linked widgets.

To learn more about how to use the color link function in the chatroom and charts, please see our guide here.

How to Turn Off the Quote Page Pop-Up

Default settings dictate that clicking on a ticker symbol in the Stock Quote widget or from scanners will cause a new browser tab from to appear with quotes and data such as company profile, and news at the bottom. If you have the color link function enabled, clicking tickers will also update linked widgets. 

If you only want the color link function utilized and don't wish to have a quote webpage open when clicking tickers, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Profile from the bottom left of your main platform window. 
  2. Under the notification section, switch the toggle for $Cashtags go to Quote Website.
  3. Click Save before closing this window.

Since the color link functions are not yet active in the chat rooms, turning off this function does not affect the chat rooms, News Room, or the stock quote widget.

About Cashtag Functions

We encourage members who chat in our chat rooms to use the cashtag when talking about stocks. This can be done by entering the symbol $ before the ticker. Once you enter your message into chat, our chat room will make the cashtag clickable so that members can easily look up the ticker (similar to clicking on the ticker within the Stock Quote widget).

For example: If wanting to share about AAPL, you can type: "Watching $aapl" 

If you have issues receiving market data in the chat room, please follow this guide. If still having issues, please feel free to contact us via the Support Room for real-time assistance during market hours. You can also email us at or submit a ticket. For fastest assistance, please make the subject line of your email or ticket "Chat Room Issues." 

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