We have put together a list of brokers that we have reviewed and compared. The best 3 online trading brokers we recommend can be found here: https://www.warriortrading.com/the-3-best-online-trading-brokers/

Ross trades with Lightspeed as his primary broker and Esignal for Charting.

He used Suretrader for his small account challenge because they have a $500 min balance. We now Suggest looking into CMEG for students day trading with less than $25k, since they require only $500 minimum balance and allow US and international traders to open an account without the PDT rule.

You can see CMEG's website here: http://cmelitegroup.com and our review here: https://www.warriortrading.com/capital-markets-elite-group-review/

We also have Broker Rebate Programs with a few of our favorite brokers, which allow our students to get discounted commission rates. So if you are looking for a broker that will pay off the cost of your education course, look no further! Click to check out the details of our Broker Rebate Program.

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