Traders often ask us what market data we subscribe to for our trading platforms. As with everything else in trading, traders should choose what works best for them personally, and we suggest revisiting your selections and platforms as your strateg develops or whenever you find that something isn't working for you.

To get our students started, we've provided a list below of the market data Ross typically subscribes to for his own strategy. You can scroll to read more or click to skip to a specific section.

General Market Data Subscriptions & Sterling Pro Platform

If you have used our WT Simulator and are interested in having the same kind of market data on your a Sterling platform, you can sign up for this same data them by selecting the choices in the image below:

This includes data for:

  • NYSE Level 1- Tape A
  • Amex Level 1 - Tape B
  • Nasdaq Level 1
  • (Optional if you are trading options )OPRA
  • (Optional if you want news in your platform) unbundled news

As you can see, we are not actually subscribed to the full level 2. This is because the top-of-book level one data should aggregate and display level 2 data in your platform. If you want the full depth of level 2, you could look into Nasdaq Total+Open View. Ross finds that is too much information for his personal needs. 

In other trading platforms, you will also want to consider the same market data as shown above if looking to trade the strategies we teach. Some platforms, such as TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim (TOS), do not give the option for subscribers to specify their own data packages.


If you are looking to exactly mirror Ross' data subscription in Lightspeed, note that Ross pays for level 2 data at a cost of approximately $55/month, plus a news feed at around $66/month. The $1.00 feeds in the screenshot below are level 1 -- he skips those because they are already included in the other selections.


Ross subscribes to the eSignal signature plan. We encourage traders to explore other options to find the best platforms for their personal needs and trading strategy. Click here for a page that can help explore other options. For eSignal subscribers who are interested in Ross' data subscriptions, please see below. In addition to this real-time data, eSignal includes a live news feed for all users without having to manually add it as an add-on. It was previously a separate add-on, and is now known as Naviga News. This is the same as Ross uses.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.