Ross Cameron's typical trading tools include:

  • Trade Ideas for scanning
  • Lightspeed for brokerage, using the Lightspeed Trader platform
  • eSignal for charting

Check out a list of some of the demos we offer, and other resources, here:

What do these trading tools cost, and what are some other options?

When you are trading live, some of the additional costs include:

  • Charting platform like eSignal, TC2000, or Tradingview. eSignal and TC2000 are software-based platforms, while Tradingview is a web-based platform. We would recommend using any of these charting software. 
    • eSignal's Signature plan costs $175/mo. A discount for Warrior Trading students is available if you click through the discount image from our review page here: 
    • TC2000's Gold plan costs $30/month - Confirm pricing on their website here.
    • Tradingview's Pro+ plan costs $29.95/month (see more or sign up here!: Most traders find that Pro or Pro+ membership is sufficient. This will depend on how many indicators or layouts you want to save, as you pay more if you want to use more. On top of a membership, you will also need to choose market data levels. NYSE, ARCA, and NASDAQ are $2 each (as of March 2020) so that would only be $6 for market data for the US stock market!
    • Tip to save money:  If you have good charts with your broker, you can skip eSignal or TC2000 (most brokerages have sub-par charting though).

  • Broker like Lightspeed or CMElite Group (CMEG), or any broker of your choosing. You should consider commission rates and the amount you will be funding the account with. Certain brokerages may also have fees to consider. Warrior Trading students can get commission rates as low as $2/trade at some brokerages. Check out our Broker Rebate Programs here or click here to learn more about brokerages.

  • Scanner software like Trade-Ideas: $118/month or $168/year for Standard Plan (which is the level of membership that Ross uses). You can use DAYTRADEWARRIOR15 coupon code for 15% off a payment. Tip to save money: If you have a Warrior Trading live trading room membership, you get access to the same scanner settings we give away in the courses just by the live-real-time screen share in the trading rooms. This means you wouldn’t need to run the scanners with your own account if you utilize the live trading room scanners.

  • Optional market news platform like Benzinga Streaming News: $99/mo (using coupon code DTWARRIOR for 15% off your first payment). Tip to save money: The Warrior Trading live trading rooms has live breaking news being posted, plus the community of 1000s someone always has some breaking news readily available. 

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.