The United States has something called the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) Rule which requires traders to have a minimum of $25,000 cash balance in your broker account in order to day trade more than 3 times in a 5 day period.  Since most day traders take 3-5 trades per day, they are considered Pattern Day Traders. 

Many of our students don't have $25k to fund a trading account.  There are some offshore brokerages that do not enforce the PDT rule and allow day trading in a margin account with a $500 minimum balance.  Due to higher fees, they are not typically a preferred brokerage to stay at forever, but they can be a great option to trade while you build your account. Other options to build up a small account include starting with a cash account at a US brokerage! This article can be a helpful resource for exploring your options for day trading with less than $25k:

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