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About Warrior Trading's Broker Rebate Programs

Warrior Trading has teamed up with some brokers to give our trading course students the opportunity to earn back the money spent on our courses by getting discounted commission rates with their live accounts. Students are free to use any broker they choose and are not required to use these brokers; the rebate program is just an added bonus for those who do! 

Keep in mind that the brokerages will honor the discounted commission rates up to 1 year after Warrior Pro purchase. Students do NOT have to open a live broker account right away, and we advise against doing so.

For more information on choosing a brokerages, check out this page here.

Who Can Use the Rebates

Members who have been enrolled in the Warrior Pro Program for over 14 days are eligible for rebate programs. We suggest not opening a brokerage account until you are ready or close to ready to trade live. The brokers honor the rebate program for at least 1 year after Warrior Pro purchase so that students do not feel pressured to open a live account before they are ready!

Keep in mind that participation in a Broker Rebate Program is not required to trade or to be a member of our community. Rather, they can be an opportunity to receive discounted commission rates if any of these brokerages are a good fit for you.

Where to Access Promo Codes

Warrior Pro students will find the necessary promo codes to apply for these commissions in their education portal, and the end of their Warrior Pro learning paths. Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Warrior Pro learning path.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the learning path. You'll see the Broker Rebate Program section there.
  3. Click the "View Details." If you do not see the "View Details" button, you need to complete a previous "Required" section of the learning path, such as the Getting Started presentation or otherwise.

Available Broker Rebate Programs

Rebate program open to US residents:


Rebate programs open to non-US residents:

TradeZero (available for most international countries except Canada):

Lightspeed (not open to Canadian or Australian residents):

Please use the above links for details regarding the required minimum account deposit and other details. Please contact your broker directly for specific questions regarding your live trading accounts, as Warrior Trading will not be able to assist you.

Are you a US resident but cannot afford to fund a $25k account for day trading, as mandated by the PDT rule in the US? Sometimes our US-based students will open a small account account first (either an an offshore brokerage or a cash account at a US brokerage), grow the account, and then switch to a US-friendly broker rebate program. You can also open a small account at Lightspeed and practice swing trading strategies until the account is large enough for day trading (Lightspeed honors the discounted commission rates for $10k accounts as well).

For more information on the PDT rule, you should click here.

For more information on day trading with less than $25k, click here.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.