eSignal vs. TC2000

Since we now offer charting within the Day Trade Dash platform at Warrior Trading, there is little need to pay extra to a third-party charting platform. You can learn more about Day Trade Dash charting software here.

If you still want to utilize or consider third-party charting software, popular options include desktop-based platforms like TC2000 and eSignal. Our CEO and head trader, Ross Cameron, has experience with both of these platforms, as he used TC2000 and then eSignal before switching to the Day Trade Dash charts, which are powered by TradingView.

TC2000 Gold is what Ross used before switching to eSignal. The reason that he switched was because he found that TC2000 was not as reliable as he wanted. He had encountered a few instances where they didn't have charts for IPOs he wanted to trade. Do keep in mind, however, that this was many years ago. TC2000 has improved its platform over the years and is still a cheaper alternative to eSignal.

eSignal Signature had many features that Ross had never used, like Forex, futures, and options data, so he was paying extra for unused features. For traders who want a robust platform, eSignal could be a good option. Ross found in his experience that the platform was fast and had the ability to draw annotations quickly. One useful feature in eSignal that is missing in TC2000 is that chart data in eSignal dates as far back as when a ticker first started trading, while TC2000's data range is more limited on the intraday timeframe.

As when choosing any trading software, the best charting platform for you will depend on what suits your personal trading needs, strategy, and budget. You can see some of our other favorite trading tools here.

If you are a Warrior Pro member, you can check out Ross' eSignal and TC2000 demos in the "Trading Tools Demos & Layouts" section.  

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