Please see the video below for a video explanation on loading and saving window layouts. We also attached back up simulator layouts at the bottom of this page (Please note that in our previous version of the simulator, windows were often referred to as "widgets.")

If you accidentally over rid your default layout, you can find them attached at the bottom of this solutions article.

The default destination for all these files should be in Your C Drive. C>Program files (x86)> Warrior > Warriortrading Sim  > Layouts 

*** Please Note, layout files from Sterling, CMEG, Lightspeed or any other platform that offers the Sterling platform are not usable with the Warrior Trading Simulator. 

Actions Menu

Left-click on the “Actions” menu and you will find the following options to manage layouts:

LOAD LAYOUT -Loads a previously saved layout.

SAVE LAYOUT - Save your current layout.  Open windows are saved in their current position on the screen.

SAVE LAYOUT AS - Save your current layout under a different name or folder.

CREATE BACKUP From the above menu you can create a backup of all your Layout files.

  1. In the Actions menu click on “Create Backup…”

  2. A menu will pop up requesting you select a folder to save the backup to.

  3. Select the folder and click OK.  A backup of all your Sterling Trader® Pro files will be added to that folder.

RESTORE BACKUP- Reloads previously backed-up Sterling Trader® Pro files.

SWITCH TO FOCUS WINDOW– A window, such as Level II Order Entry, can be designated the “Focus” window. In certain windows, such as Stock Watch, a trader can set the action of double-clicking to automatically switch to the focus window.

TABBED WINDOW- Groups this window with all windows that a user selects as a "Tabbed Window".  When using the preset hot key called "Window Tab", the focus will cycle through each tabbed window.

RESTORE ALL - Repositions all windows from the minimized position.

MINIMIZE ALL- Minimizes all Simulator windows.

CLOSE ALL- Closes all open Sterling Trader® Pro windows except the Main Menu window (this feature is only available from the Main Menu window).

EXIT - Exits the platform and shuts down all Sterling Trader® Pro windows.

From your General Setting you can also Change where your Layout will be loaded from on Start up:


Load Settings from Previous Shutdown - Loads the layout of the windows in place at your last shutdown.  If your system goes down unexpectedly, this setting will reload the layout as it was when you lost connection.  It does not save the layout, but reloads all the previous settings.


Load Layout - Select a default, pre-saved layout to automatically load upon logging in.  Click the "..." button to choose your default layout.

This support article is provided with help from our friends at SterlingTraderStill have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help. 

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.