Screen-Recording Tool

Many traders ask us what we use to record our trades. When screen-recording their trading, Ross and our moderators tend to use a software called OBS:

We at Warrior Trading do not provide support or troubleshooting for this third-party tool. To learn how to use OBS, we recommend exploring videos on YouTube as well as the OBS forum. If you'd like to add a keyboard overlay to your recordings to display your hotkeys, OBS has some tools for this as well:

Written Records for Recording Trades

For students who wish to record their trades, we suggest taking a look at Ross' pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet for trade-tracking, as well as any spreadsheets created by our moderators like Roberto. These are available to all members. You can learn more about those resources here when you are signed into your Warrior Trading account.

If you'd like to consider other tools as well, we suggest taking a look at

Metrics for the Warrior Trading Simulator (WT Sim)

The WT Sim comes with built-in metrics. Here are some helpful links for understanding how to use these metrics:

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.