How do I get my trades or trade history reset?

The current default simulator settings will give you $25k cash with $100k buying power for trading.

Your buying power and cash balance will reset every day back to the default amount, unless you hold a position overnight. This should allow members more than enough to day trade on a daily basis.

During the learning process, most members find that they'd like to forget their first weeks of trading in a simulator, since these weeks are usually used getting accustomed to the platform and learning how to trade. Sometimes members like to completely begin fresh when trying a new strategy, or after hitting a turning point in their educational experience or trading career.

Luckily, you can track your metrics from a specific date through the Metrics widgets.

You can pull up your Aptitudes or Performance widgets and click the top right to select Duration and Date range to see your metrics at certain points of time.

The Profit Trifecta resets every 7 weeks to show metrics from the past 6 weeks, and the Aptitudes and Performance are sorted data by date. Therefore, you'll find little need to get your trade history or account reset.  If you do still want your account reset, please submit a support ticket or send an email to It takes about 24-48 hours to have your metrics reset. You'll expedite the turnaround time of your request by stating that you want your simulator account reset and understand that all your history will get wiped.

If you are having issues with an order you've placed in the simulator, we can help you close positions and open orders for the current day (before 6pm EST), but note that we cannot change or delete orders from past days.

Keep in mind that Metrics are updated at the end of the day every day (approximately 9:30pm EST) after our servers calculate additional data from the simulator. In other words, you will not see your metrics updated until after 9:30pm EST.

Watch the video on this page here for a deeper understanding of how metrics work in the simulator:

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.

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