PLEASE NOTE: By default, no commissions are factored into WT Sim. The WT Sim metrics DO NOT and CANNOT account for commissions at this time. While you are welcome to set commission rate if you prefer, we cannot make any adjustments for those commissions to be factored into your metrics/aptitudes.

Recommended method:

To factor in commissions on your WT Sim, we recommend counting your filled orders, multiplying those trades by the commission price, and factoring that price into your P&L.

You may also be interested in exporting your trade history so that you can use this information to track your trades alongside a column for commissions. You can see more about exporting trade history here.

Additional method:

To insert commissions into your WT Sim settings, follow the steps demonstrated in the video below. REMEMBER that setting commissions on your simulator will mean that your WT Sim metrics do not match up with what you see on your P&L. There is no fix for this at this time, which is why we recommend not setting commissions in your simulator. If you understand these terms, you're welcome to adjust your commissions as described below.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.