Order Entry Fields Definitions


List of Order Entry Fields

  • Side - Buy, Sell, or Sell Short.  

  • Quantity - Number of shares to trade in the order.

  • Symbol - Stock symbol you wish to trade.

  • Price offers several options, including Bid, Ask, MKT, and Last.  You can always manually type in a price.  If you select Bid, Ask, or Last, you can offset by clicking the up or down arrows next to the Price field.  For example:

  • Account – If you have multiple accounts you can select from them here.

  • Destination – Sterling Trader® Pro offers direct access trading.  Consult your broker for routes available.

  • Commission - If available, the commission plan charged on the trade.

  • Trader - The Trader ID of the user placing the trade.  By default this can't be manipulated.

  • Price Type – You can select stop orders or market-on-close orders.

  • Time In Force – Select Day orders, GTC, Opening, Extended hours (post-market), etc.

  • Currency - Currency the listed security trades in.  By default this field will be greyed out.

  • Pref - Not a functional field anymore.  We'll remove it one of these days.

  • AON - All Or None.

  • DNI - Do Not Increase.  In the event of a dividend or split, do not increase the number of the shares in the order.

  • DNR - Do Not Reduce.  In the event of a dividend, do not reduce the limit price of the order.

  • Solicited - When checked, orders sent are marked as Solicited. This checkbox is strictly controlled and generally not available to individual end-users.

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