LOAD LAYOUT - Loads a previously saved layout.


SAVE LAYOUT - Save your current layout.  Open windows are saved in their current position on the screen.


SAVE LAYOUT AS - Save your current layout under a different name or folder.


CREATE BACKUP of your Simulator  From the above menu you can create a backup of all your Simulator Files

  • In the Actions menu click on “Create Backup…”
  • A menu will pop up requesting you select a folder to save the backup to.
  • Select the folder and click OK.  A backup of all your Sterling Trader® Pro files will be added to that folder.
    RESTORE BACKUP - Reloads previously backed-up Sterling Trader® Pro files.
    SWITCH TO FOCUS WINDOW – In Sterling Trader® Pro a window, such as Level II Order Entry, can be designated the “Focus” window.  In certain windows, such as Stock Watch, a trader can set the action of double-clicking to automatically switch to the focus window.
    TABBED WINDOW - Groups this window with all windows in Sterling Trader® Pro that a user selects as a "Tabbed Window".  When using the preset hot key called "Window Tab", the focus will cycle through each tabbed window.
    RESTORE ALL - Repositions all windows from the minimized position.
    MINIMIZE ALL - Minimizes all Sterling Trader® Pro windows.
    CLOSE ALL - Closes all open Sterling Trader® Pro windows except the Main Menu window (this feature is only available from the Main Menu window).
    EXIT - Exits the platform and shuts down all Sterling Trader® Pro windows.

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