General Function Definitions in the New WT Simulator

Load Settings from Previous Shutdown - Loads the layout of the windows in place at your last shutdown.  If your system goes down unexpectedly, this setting will reload the layout as it was when you lost connection.  It does not save the layout, but reloads all the previous settings.


Load Layout - Select a default, pre-saved layout to automatically load upon logging in.  Click the "..." button to choose your default layout.

Click/drag Behavior - This setting affects only the Stock Watch and Position Summary windows.  For left-click/drag behavior, you may choose to either drag the selected symbol or to highlight the selected row.


Row Highlight Style - If using highlighting, select to either fill in the entire row (Solid), or only highlight the border around the row.


Single-Symbol Order Entry - Nothing to see here.  Move along.


Update Quote-Related Position Values Live - This will prompt P/L and other values to be recalculated with every new tick.


Language:  Sterling Trader® Pro supports multiple languages.  The language is generally selected during the initial platform installation, but you can change the platform language by selecting a new one from this drop down.  The change requires a restart of the program.


Country code:  By default, when the user selects a language during installation, the country code will populate (left blank for English).  The code refers to the extension entered with symbols that trade on a foreign exchange.  For example, if the country code is blank or US, than no extension is needed for US symbols (such as IBM or MSFT).  But symbols in Brazil would require a ".BR" at the end (such as PETR4.BR).  However, if the Portuguese Language is selected and the Country Code is BR, than symbols listed in Brazil would not need the ".BR" extension, but US symbols would need the US extension (such as IBM.US and MSFT.US).


Auto Complete Symbol Names - Automatically completes symbol names as you type.


Display Symbol Before Company in Titles - In the title bar of the order entry windows, Sterling shows the company name and symbol.  You can place the symbol first (i.e., to the left of the company name) by checking this box.


Decimal Places for Average Prices - Determines the number of decimal places to display for average price fields.

These support articles were provided with help from our friends at SterlingTraderStill have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.

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