Understanding Level 2

Level two can be a difficult concept to grasp without hands-on learning experience. We outline and showcase many examples in our Warrior Pro classes. We suggest that our members begin their assessment of their level 2 knowledge by ensuring they have completed the following classes:

Day Trading: The Basics

Chapter 9: Level 2 Market Depth & Hot Keys

    Part 1: Understanding Level 2

Chapter 10: Time & Sales AKA The Tape

Day Trading: Strategies & Scaling

Chapter 6: Level 2, Tape Reading, and Hot Keys/Buttons

    Part 1: Level 2

    Part 2: Time & Sales AKA Tape-Reading

    Part 5: Level 2 & Tape-Reading Examples

Afterwards, we suggest exploring our article here on "Popular Mentor Sessions" (see the section for Level 2).

We also suggest Ross’s Live Trading Archives, as members can observe the level 2 windows to see how stocks move before and after Ross enters or exits his positions.

There are additional free resources from our website that can help members, as well as those who aren't Warrior Trading members yet:

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