How to Show News in the Simulator

The news widget in the simulator is a stand-in for live news feeds that traders can add to platforms like eSignal, Lightspeed, or Sterling. We find that these news feed usually average about $30 in market data fees.

The WT Sim does not provide such a news feed at this time, though it does have a news feature which is an RSS feed. This means it aggregates data from other news sites from the symbols you enter or topics you enter in for them to pull up for you.

The WT Sim news feature will only load new data and not look up historic or past data. This can be a big limitation for many traders. While it can be helpful for getting breaking news as it comes in, it is not useful when it comes to looking up historic news that came at times your WT Sim platform was not open.

For this reason, we suggest using a news website or the news feed from our chat room.

If you are still interested in using the lesser functioning news features of the WT Sim, you can see your options below.

If you don't need to search the headlines or view historical news, and only want to view net new news from the time you open the simulator and add an RSS feed, you can use your favorite news website's RSS feed (ex:

Once you've located that feed, click on the yellow RSS feed link, and input it on your simulator. The link should look something like this: 

To add this link in to the simulator:

  1. Go to Windows> Quotes> RSS Feeds. 
  2. On the new window, click Actions > Manage RSS Feeds > Add.
  3. Then enter the RSS feed link and select Add. See image below:

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