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About the News Room

The News Room is a feature of our chat room where Warrior Pro members can find headline news on companies and events that might affect the markets, as well as technical posts that some traders might find interesting (i.e. when certain stocks have higher volume, is at a low/high of the day, etc.)

The posts from the News Desk are also available in the chat feed of the Small and Large Cap rooms as well; the benefit of the News Room is that it allows Pro members to see today's posts from the News Desk all in one place.

The image below demonstrates how the New Desk posts congregate in the News Room and can be found in the Small Cap and/or Large Cap rooms, as appropriate. Keep reading below for more information on how to use the News Room.

Starter members who are interested in the News Desk can contact us to inquire about options for upgrading to Warrior Pro.

How to Use the News Room

As with other rooms in the chat room platform, the News Room can also be popped out to a separate window, and has the option to turn on audio alerts for new posts. These features are explained below.

Opening the Room

If you cannot see the News Room on your monitor, scroll down with your mouse on the Rooms list on the left side of the chat room platform. When you see "News Room," click on it to open the window.

Sending the Room to a Separate Browser Window

To set the News Room as a separate browser window, click the pop out icon in the upper right-hand corner of the News Room widget.

Setting Audio Alerts

Set the bell icon like in other rooms (click here for more information). If the bell icon in the News Room has a red line through it, as shown below, there will be no audio alert.

Keep in mind that the audio alert from the News Room needs to be on to hear alerts when news is posted. You will not get an audio alert for News Desk posts from the other rooms if you only have the bell enabled for the trading rooms or if you have the News Room closed.

Using the News Room for Trading

All stocks mentioned in the News Room should be looked at in conjunction with proper risk management. News may suggest opportunities and catalysts for stocks to move. How to analyze news is discussed in the classes of our Warrior Pro Program.

Reminder: The News Room is not financial advice. See our full disclaimer here.

Here is one example where our News Desk posted vital information on a clinical trial update for a biotech stock. The stock did give a few opportunities throughout the day for day trades.

If you want to see what other tools that our moderators use for news or trading, you can see information on this page here.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.