The News widgets in the simulator is a stand-in for Live news feeds you can buy with platforms like Esignal, Lightspeed, or Sterling- Usually averaging around an extra $30 in market data fee's 

Our simulator does not provide this news feed at this time so you will have a few other alternative options.

The news features in our Simulator are actually RSS feeds which means you are aggregating data from other news sites from the symbols you enter in or topics you enter in for them to pull up for you. It will only load NEW data and not look up historic or past data. 

This can be ok to get breaking news as it comes in, However it is not useful when it comes to looking up historic News from the previous day or earlier in the day if you did not have your simulator up.

For this Reason, We would actually suggest you use a news website such as Benzinga, Market Watch, or Seeking Alpha.

 Having a browser open to search news on one of these sites are often as easy and simple as it would be to use a News widget on a Platform. You can also use the news feature in our scanners or look up news on 

If you are still interested in using the lesser functioning news features of the sim feel free to see below your other options.

1. If you don't need to search the headlines or view historical news, and only net new news from the time you open the simulator, then you can simply add an RSS feed to your simulator. You will need to use your favorite news websites RSS feed (ex: Once you've located that, you can click on the yellow rss feed link and save the link and input this into your simulator. The link should look something like this: 

To add this link in to the simulator:

  1. Go to Windows> Quotes> RSS FEEDS. 
  2. On the new window, click Actions > Manage RSS Feeds > Add.
  3. Then enter the RSS feed link and select 'Add'. See image below:

Remember if you add any additional windows you will need to save your layout for your simulator to get the same windows to pop up when you log back in again next, You can learn more about that here: Load and Save Layouts 

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support TeamWe'd be happy to help!

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.