Curious about stock halts?

Whether or not you are able to indicate this level on your own trading platform will depend on the availability of that feature as well as market data you are subscribed to and what data is available.

For our simulator and most sterling platforms you can see this quick guide on how to add it to your platform:

If you'd like to review further, we recommend watching this recap video from Ross, since he was watching SPI move and get halted in real-time during that video. Here's the link to that video on YouTube: Here are some helpful timestamps in the video to review:

  • At about 30:57, you can see the LULD on Ross' Level 2 shows that the halt level will be 7.85. The stock does get halted at that level just several seconds later, and you can see it appear on Ross' halt scanner at that time. You'll also notice that the last price on the tape in the Level 2 is the halt level of 7.85.
  • At 35:33 in the video, Ross clarifies that, since the stock halted at 11:17AM, it would likely resume at 11:22AM. Volatility pauses are usually 5 minutes long, which is how he comes to that conclusion.
  • At 39:18 in the video, you can hear Ross say that the "halt level is now moved up to 9.03," and if you look at his Level 2, you can see the LULD show 9.03 as the halt level.

Volatility halts aren't the only kind of halts. Here's article that explains circuit breaker halts, including volatility pauses: This page here can also be helpful to bookmark if you'd like to review current halts or even search past halts that occurred on the market:

If you're a Warrior Pro student, check out the course syllabus for the most up-to-date lessons on halts! You can access the syllabus on this page here.

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