2.1 Linking Windows + Navigating the Top Toolbar on Charts | WT

The top toolbar of the charts give easy access to navigating some of the most popular chart functions.

Scroll down to read more about each of these features, or click from the list below to jump to a specific section:

1. Symbol Lookup

To populate your chart window with the chart of a new ticker:

  1. Click the stock ticker box on the very top left of your chart
  2. Start typing to populate the symbol search. You can search either ticker or company name.
  3. Press enter or choose from the selection.
  4. If you do not click anywhere else, you can continue to easily search for another stock ticker without needing to click in the box again.


Remember to review the chart linking section further down on this article (or click here) to learn how to group associated widgets to make this process easier.

2. Timeframe

The time frame selection is right next to your stock ticker bar. 

If you use the star function on a timeframe, it will end up as a shortcut on your top toolbar for easy access. See the example below:

Tip: You can quickly switch timeframes by typing in a numeral compatible with the drop down list, followed by the first letter of the corresponding timeframe. For example: 

For seconds, type 's' after the numeral, then click Enter.
For minutes, type the numeral, then click Enter.
For days, type 'd' after the numeral, then click Enter
For weeks, type "w'  after the numeral, then click Enter
For months type 'm''  after the numeral, then click Enter.

3. Candlestick Options

Traders normally keep this on the regular "Candles" bar for day trading. We will update this section in the future with further detail.

4. Indicators and 5. Indicator Templates

Click here to learn more about our chart indicators.

6. Refresh

The refresh button restarts the charting data without requiring a refresh of the browser page, which saves computer resources.  Please use this if you ever lose data or think you lost data. This refresh button will sync with all linked charts of the same color.

7. Undo and Redo

  • Undo: undoes the previous actions performed on the chart | Shortcut: Ctrl+Z
  • Redo: reverts to the previous actions you just undid using the Undo function on the chart | Shortcut: Ctrl+Y

8. Manage Layouts

See our article (coming soon) on managing layouts.

9. Chart Settings

Click here to learn more about the individual features of chart settings.

10. Fullscreen Mode

Enter one chart into full screen mode easily by clicking the Fullscreen mode button on the top right of your chart:

Shortcut: Shift+F

11. Take a snapshot

   Instead of using a screenshot application, you can easily take a screenshot of your chart by:

  1. Clicking the camera icon on the top right of your chart
  2. Clicking Save chart image
  3. If you want to share the image of this chart within our chatroom, please use our click here for our guide for uploading screenshots.

Ctrl+Alt+S to save a chart image
Ctrl+Shift+S to copy a chart image

12. Change Color Group (How to Link Windows)

Using the Color Link feature on the top right of your charts, chatroom, scanners, stock quote windows, or watchlist, you can link your widgets to each other. This can be particularly helpful when switching symbols on a chart connected to your watchlist. This feature also works on pop-out windows and widgets for multi-monitor setups.

You can group your windows by linking them all to the same color group. There are about 9 color options, or "no link" which helps remove a widget from color grouping. The video below demonstrates how to use this feature, and you can also click here to learn more about one way to use the link feature between charts and watch lists.

Additional Information

Please remember to refer to our other articles in the charting section of our support portal here to learn more about the features of our charts.

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