If you are experiencing that your Charts are empty or that your simulator is crashing.  You might have A wifi issue and you will want to try to hardwire your internets router with an ethernet cable. 

If that does not resolve this issue You might have too many chart drawings that need to be deleted. 

To do this please Right click on each of your charts and select to delete all line studies.

Once completed please Save your layout to keep this effect.

If this does not fix your issue please follow Instructions below

- Please log out of the simulator

- Open up your system file explorer

- Local disk (C)

- Program Files (x86)

- Warrior

- Warrior Trading Sim

- (.scx)

- Proceed to delete the (.scx) files

You can now proceed to log back into the simulator and check that your charts are working as expected.  

If that does not work please try the following reinstall functions In this support article below:


If you continue to have issues please email into simulator@warriortrading.com 

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.