Our Mentors, Their Strategies, and Popular Mentor Sessions | Additional Trading Resources for Pro Members

The following is an overview of the mentors that trade live in the Warrior Trading chat rooms and offer trading education through Warrior Pro courses and/or mentor sessions. You can also find additional resources below to help you learn more about their trading strategies, including the most popular mentor sessions from each mentor.

We hold mentor sessions once every weekday in our Mentor Room for our Warrior Pro members. We record these sessions for later review as well! Here is more information on how to access live and recorded mentor sessions. 

Keep in mind that mentor sessions listed are just a select few that highlight the strategies of these educators. To learn how to search mentor session recordings for additional sessions, click here.


Background: Ross is a full-time Day Trader and the founder of Warrior Trading. He runs the Day Trading Chat Room each morning with live screen share, audio/video, and market commentary. He is primarily a long-biased trader focused on trading momentum stocks priced under $20.00.

Strategy: Small-cap day trading

Profit Badge: $10 Million Club Member with Warrior Trading, verified broker statements here

Trading Tools: Lightspeed (broker), Warrior Charts (charting), Warrior Scanners (scanning)

Trading Course: 

Popular Mentor Sessions: 


Background: Jess is a graduate of the Warrior Pro program and is a small-cap day trader. He is also a trading educator for new members in the Warrior Pro courses and routinely hosts mentor sessions to support members on their journey of learning how to day trade. 

Strategy: Small-cap day trading

Profit Badge: $100k Club with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: CMEG with DAS (broker), eTrade (charting), Warrior Scanners (scanning)

Trading Course: 

Popular Mentor Sessions:


Background: Danny is a Warrior Pro graduate who has earned his $100k badge and trades small-cap momentum with TD Ameritrade. In his class, he teaches his workflow for using TD Ameritrade, Think or Swim, and DAS for scalp trading and breakout trading. Danny is a long-biased trader focusing on top gains and gappers. Since Danny is located in California, he generally trades later into the day and is looking for opportunities through the afternoon session. 

Strategy: Small-cap and large cap day trading 

Profit Badge: $50k Club Member with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: TD Ameritrade with ThinkOrSwim (broker), ThinkOrSwim (charting), Warrior Scanners (scanning)

Trading Course: 

Popular Mentor Sessions:

John L10

Background: JohnL10 has been with Warrior Trading since roughly 2015 and has, over several years, generated $1M in verified gains. This was achieved by coming to the market day after day for years. John has a saying that if you trade long enough, you'll eventually run into challenging times and John has seen both good and bad years. Still, you can find John trading during pre-market and the open market for roughly 4 hours or so, depending on market conditions. With many years of trading experience as a "non-professional" trader (aka retail trader), John brings a unique perspective that aims to provide helpful insight into the nuances of small-cap momentum trading in the main trading room. John does not recommend trading for a living without supplement income, as most people attempting to trade will lose.

Strategy: Small-cap day trading

Profit Badge: $1 million Club Member with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: TD Ameritrade with ThinkOrSwim (broker), ThinkOrSwim (charts), Warrior Scanners (scanning)

Popular Mentor Sessions:

Ted and Diane

Background: Ted Walls, MA, LCMHC, and Diane Hicks, MA, LCSW are co-founders of Wisemind Trading and lead the Warrior Trading trading psychology curriculum. For nearly a decade Ted has been the personal trading psychology coach for Ross. Diane utilizes her training as a psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner, certified yoga and meditation instructor, and former classroom teacher to guide traders in working with emotions that arise through trading as well as cultivating an understanding of thought and decision-making processes.  Ted and Diane work together as a team in both marriage and therapy. 


Trading Course: 

Popular Mentor Sessions:

Mike (former mentor)

Background: Mike was a former full-time large-cap trader and mentor at Warrior Trading. His trading style was deeply rooted in technical analysis using daily support and resistance levels. Mike primarily traded stocks priced above $20 and trading on high relative volume due to breaking news. He would regularly trade stocks like Facebook, Tesla, and Twitter. 

Strategy: Large cap day, swing, and options trading

Profit Badge: $450k Club Member with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: Lightspeed (broker), eSignal (charting), Warrior Scanners (scanning)

Roberto (former mentor)

Background: Roberto was a former full-time day trader and trading mentor at Warrior Trading. His strategy focused on identifying key intraday trading opportunities on large-cap stocks using a unique style of intraday chart and indicator analysis. He placed an emphasis on day trading large cap stocks that are gapping up or down with a catalyst, high volume, and volatility, such as TSLA, META, and NFLX. 

Strategy: Large cap day trading

Profit Badge: $100k club member with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: Lightspeed (broker), TradingView (charting)

Popular Mentor Sessions:

Celena (former mentor)

Background: Celena was a former full-time day trader and trading mentor at Warrior Trading. Celena combined her expertise in using RSI and technical analysis to tackle small-cap and large-cap stocks. Celena focuses on fast-moving day trading setups that have the ability to provide low-risk entries and quick momentum moves. Prior to delving into trading, Celena was a successful technology and startup entrepreneur.  

Strategy: Small cap and large cap day trading

Profit Badge: $50k club member with Warrior Trading

Trading Tools: TD Ameritrade (broker), ThinkOrSwim (charting)

Popular Mentor Sessions:


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