Why do my indicators/VWAP not match what I see on the live stream?

So you have your own trading platform or charting software, Great!

But you notice that the indicators on your charts are off or different than what you see on someone else's screen.

We hear this come up quite often- In most cases it is simply a difference in calculations 

Things to check:

  • Are you watching a replay? Is your stream or movie you are watching delayed? Have you refreshed the video to make sure it is in sync with the current time?
  • Are you using delayed market data in another platforms simulator? normally you will have to pay for live market data with your platform provider.
  • Are you viewing the same exact Time frame? If looking at Ross's 1 minute chart, are  you looking at your 1 minute chart or 5 minute chart?
    • Keep in mind Ross also uses his 10 second chart at times and this will show different information than a 1 minute chart
  • Do you have indicators to calculate on Candle Close? Open , bid or ask is not typical settings to have indicators calculate from- However we suggest for you to use the calculation of the close-
  • Are you using the same platform as who you are viewing? Ross and Mike use Esignal for charting- if you are not using their same platform you might see slight discrepancies. 
    •  It is common for other platforms to have slightly different code or market data that could skew your indicators- Normally it should not be much different than a few cents- and this is very normal
  • Ross Uses the EMA- moving averages These move exponentially to the last closed candle and will update sooner than a regular SMA moving average-
  • If your VWAP indicator is different make sure that your VWAP price starts calculating at 12AM EST  for a new trading day. And not at 930AM EST or 4pm EST as this will show different results.
    • Each VWAP indicator normally has an "Anchor Time" You will have to reach out to your broker to see if you have an option to change this setting or not

If you have issues with your WT simulator please reach out to us at simulator@warriortrading.com However if you are having issues with a seperate platform you will want to contact their support directly.

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