We will post a running list of the updates implemented into our latest simulator builds here. 

If you have not updated your sim you will be given a force update message- Please follow the guide Here: 


When logging into your simulator after we deploy an update, you will be forced to download the new version of the simulator.

The new updates will not overwrite your saved layouts or your hotkeys. If you want to receive the new updates to the layouts or hotkeys please download them below and overwrite the files in your Warrior Folder

V12.10.1 June 2021

Chart Updates:

  • Added option for Candle Frames
  • Configure Crosshair Info Panel Colors
    • Info panel now displays Volume
  • Overlay function on charts now available(can compare SPY or other stocks to see if correlated) 
  • Draw Vertical Lines
  • Show Crosshair Price on Y-Axis
  • Change Fonts for X and Y axis labels
  • Dark or Snow Chart Skins now available
  • Opening Price Line in Chart
  • Time & Sales: Fixed the snapshot colors when Use last tick for snapshot (Time & Sales Settings, Colors page) is
  • Help fix connection issues when logging in

Fundamentals Window:

  • Today’s Close now updates after close

Level 2 Order Entry:

  • Previous Close added to Expanded Quote Bar
  • Today’s Close Bar added (updates after 430pm ET)


  • Updated Warrior layouts
  • New “Open Windows” Menu to view and manage all open windows in your layout
  • Ability to reset password on Login screen.
  • Ability to prompt users to sign market data agreements at login

V12.7.1 January 2021

  • New “Open Windows” menu item
  • Added Today’s Close and Change from Today’s Close to Stock Watch
  • Added Volume, Volume % to Imbalance Monitor
  • Added Today’s Close to Fundamental Data Window
  • Prev Close added to Expanded Quote Bar in Level 2
  • Added Overlays to Chart
  • Added Vertical Line Drawing
  • Re-Added Change and Quick-Change, DAY is only available TIF, Added failed data and quote connections to the Log file

V12.6 September 2020

  • Default hotkeys now revert to our default hotkeys when clicked-
  • Added above the ask highlights and below the bid highlights in level one window- See guide here on: Time and sales
  • Default layouts updated with Antialiasing lines to look smoother-
  • No more ability to try to cancel replace orders due to the sim logic creating orders not being able to be cancelled when that function was used.
  • Installshield now instructs you where to find your Trader ID.
  • Changed candle wicks to be the same color as the frames when ‘Frame candles’ is enabled.
  • Fixed Previous close line issues
  • Ability to submit log files through the help drop down 
  • Various other Fixes and Optimizations 

V12.4 June 2020

  • Upgrades to charting for faster symbol switching
  • Colored Border Around active L2 (General Settings > Misc) 
  • Fix missing indicator lines 
  • Fixed Main Menu resizing 
  • Break-even Hotkey added to hotkey list  (CTRL+B)
  • Trend lines no longer "bump"

V12.3 May 2020

• Sterling Trader Pro performance optimizations

    o Position Summary, T&S, L2,  and Trading Monitor Optimizations

    o Reducing stress on Database

Chart updates: ( see updated video here: Chart Drawings )

  • Trendline Remediation:
  •  Please note all prior Trendlines are deleted upon Install.
  • Trendlines are now displayed across all periods and symbol specifically for each Chart window-( does not draw lines across different chart windows)
  • Trendlines are Indicated at top of Chart, per symbol
  • Added X and Y axis dragging to scroll on Chart, Fixed Mouse wheel Scrolling. Link to how to use this :  Chart Zoom Functions
  • Rejects Options Orders when user is on BP- previously charged nothing and allowed orders thru
  • Added Alerts for Indicators and Drawings
  • Fixed View Log Button going to correct location
  • End user notification for Failed Login now shows Operational Hours
  • ActivX  eased Cancel release logic

Warrior Trading Default Layout updates

  • Vwap Added to charts
  • Hot buttons for buy and sell Added

v12.0 November 24th 2019

  • Ability to create hotkeys to trigger based on a + or -  % move from the Average entry price of a stock.
    • Added Ctrl +1 through 4 Hotkeys for Profit targets in default hotkey template    
    • Added Shift+S for -1% stop loss full position.
  • Chart functions Added:
    • Ability to chose to shade Premarket times in chart settings
    • Ability to display indicator values on right-hand price axis in chart settings
    • Ability to show open orders on the charts from the chart settings
    • Ability to remember the last line study color in chart settings.
    •  Optimizations made to several indicators. 
    • Fixed length of the main indicator lines. 
    • Show open orders option added to the Chart Settings dialog,
    •  Fixed zoom issues that would arise when adding certain indicators. 
    •  Fixed an issue relating to charts starting up empty due to a chart settings file corruption 
  • Default layouts updated for better chart functionality ( See article here for new functions
  • Trade Summary Optimizations added

Link to how to use some of these new features: 



v11.9.1 - June 14th 2019

  • Fixed random platform crashes
  • Added more layouts, which now include those of the following mentors: Ross, Mike, Arsh and Roberto. To learn how to load and save layouts, click here: https://support.warriortrading.com/support/solutions/articles/19000093690-how-to-load-and-save-layouts
  • Updated metrics URL in layout so metrics data flow no longer gets stuck
  • Fixed stock watch missing menu. On 11.8, adding stocks to the stock watch window was grayed out
  • Fixes to chart scrolling issues where users had to use the +/- on their keyboard to "kick start" the mouse scrolling feature


v11.8 - April 29th 2019

  • New users are now prompted to update their passwords once logging in for the first time.
  • News widget is taken out due to data not being active. 
  • Charting servers from Sterling have been updated and upgraded for better speed and executions
  • Servers for our metrics have been updated to be more reliable and stable
  • Added second backup for default layout in the event that the original is deleted. It is labeled : "WarriorSim2019Backup.lyt"
  • Arsh's layout has the ability to link to the options chain and the option trade ticket.
  • Simulator maintenance period has been drastically reduced from 4 hours to 20 minutes, spanning from 11:55pm to 12:15am EST. 
  • Fix where a chart was minimized when clicking on other windows.
  • Miscellaneous layout fixes for charts.
  • Miscellaneous back end fixes for smoother account creation.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.