Roberto's TradingView Layout & Strategy Resources

Review or click below for information on Roberto's TradingView layouts and where to find resources (including mentor sessions) on his strategy:

Roberto's TradingView Layouts

Using the information below, you should be able to get Roberto's exact set of layouts for TradingView.

Required TradingView Membership: The "Pro+" or "Premium" subscription level is required, and you'll also need to be subscribed to live market data including NYSE, NASDAQ and ARCA&MKT to take full advantage of these layouts.

After having subscribed to TradingView, just follow these instructions. You'd also be getting every indicator that Roberto custom-coded, included in the layout. All you would need to do is to open each one and to save it for yourself.
Then save each one of these layouts listed below by going to the page and using the button on the top left corner:

How Roberto uses these layouts 
Roberto keeps one tab of the "Individual Stock" layout open for each stock in his watch list every morning, and one tab of the "3mins" layout opened in another tab where he can monitor all the stocks in the watch list at once. Then, he always keeps one SPY layout in one more tab, just to get a feel of what's going on at a broader market level.
You'll want to make sure you're operating in "Dark Mode" by switching the toggle that appears on the list when you click on the icon on the top left corner. Make sure you select "No" to the subsequent question that will appear on the screen once you switch the toggle (selecting "Yes" would basically invalidate the whole custom layout).

Warrior Pro Members - Recorded Mentor Sessions to Refer To

Warrior Pro members have a "Mentor Sessions" learning path in their education portal where they can find recordings of previous mentor sessions. The following sessions were lead by Roberto. You can use the search bar to search for these dates to easily locate the sessions (see more on using the search here), or if you are signed in, can click the links below:

Mentor Sessions that Focus on TradingView Platform:

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