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If you are having issues connecting to your simulator (with errors other than a password error), or if you are having connectivity issues, we will likely ask you to provide your log files so that our developers can take a look into the issue further.

  1. Log into your simulator account- 
  2. Go to your main Menu bar
  3. Click "Help"
  4. Select Submit Log Files
  5. Select Yes on pop up to confirm sending Log files
  6. Wait about 5-10 seconds until a pop up shows up that displays a confirmation that your log file has been uploaded-
  7. If you have not already created a ticket with us- Email into and alert us that your log file has been submitted So we can look up your log files and investigate your issue.

See image below:

Unable to Log into the sim at all? Follow this guide here:

Here's how to obtain your simulator log file: 

  1. On your desktop you should have an icon called This PC, Double click on that icon to open up the Windows File Explorer.
    1. If you do not have that icon you can also press the Windows Key and the letter E at the same time on your keyboard to open File Explorer


        2. In there we will be scrolling down on the left side of the window looking for Windows C: Double click on Windows C: to expand.


            3. You will scroll down on the left hand side till you see the folder called Users expand that folder by clicking on the arrow next to it or double clicking.   Then you will want to look for a folder in the Users folder with your user name (This will be unique to your computer).  Click on that folder.


            4. Once you click on that folder you will see folders appear on the right hand side We are looking for one called AppData.  If you do not see that folder listed similar to the prior image above you can click on View in the menu bar on the top of that window then put a check box in Hidden Items


            5. Once you are able to see the AppData folder you can expand that folder on the left hand side by clicking the arror or double click on the right hand side of the window to open it.  Then we will look for the folder called Local and open it.  Finally we will look for the SterlingTraderPro folder and open it.  You should see log files contained in there (see image below for example).  Copy all Log.txt files and attach those in an email to or you can reply back to your ticket attaching those file.


These log files contain information that will help us more accurately investigate and resolve your Simulator issues

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.


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