Though most members report no issues with the Warrior Trading chat room stream, we are working with our developers to improve the stability and quality of the stream for those in our community who do have trouble with the stream, particularly in the Small Cap Room. From the information we've gathered so far, it looks like it could be related to a number of factors such as location in the world and network connection.

First, please confirm if your computer, browser and network meet our minimum system requirements per this guide:

Next, please try the Firefox browser if you have only been trying Chrome. The latest update of Chromium (as of December 17, 2020) seems to be related to many issues being reported.

Finally, if you are meeting the system requirements and have not experienced any relief with an alternate browser, please try the following steps:

  1. Follow this guide to capture a HAR file:
  2. Send us your HAR file by emailing it to or sending us a link to a public Dropbox or Google Drive attachment. We  so we can send it over to our streaming providers to investigate further:
  3. In your email, please let us know:
    -what country you are tuning in from
    -what network provider you use
    -if you use a Mac or PC

Our system will send an auto-response once we receive your email, which will confirm that we've received it, and you'll also receive a response from our team as soon as possible.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.