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Before troubleshooting, make sure you're using a compatible browser (Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome) that is up to date. You should ideally be running the latest operating system, have sufficient RAM, and decent internet connection. You can see full system requirements here.

Common Issues:

No Video Appearing

If you're having trouble viewing the screen-share / broadcast video in the live trading rooms, confirm that there is video being streamed by referring to the broadcast icon as shown below. If a broadcast is available, but your video is not playing, click the red "LIVE" camera icon once you open your broadcast window.

Off: No broadcast is available.
Live: A broadcast is available

- click this button to open the broadcast.

Open: A broadcast is available and open.

The Rooms menu on the left also displays these indicators for each room's broadcasting status. Please keep in mind this is an indicator only and that clicking on them opens the room and not the screen share. You need to click the icon within the room itself to open the broadcast.

If the screenshare still does not show, perform a hard refresh of the browser (if using Google Chrome or MS Edge browser, hold Shift and press F5. If using Firefox, hold Ctrl and press F5). When the page reopens, try clicking the screenshare icon again to open the broadcast.

Please keep in mind that even if a broadcast is streaming and open, it does not mean that audio is available at the time. The moderator may have stepped away or may not be actively speaking at the time.

You can review our guide here on how to determine the hours that audio is most likely to be available.

Video Delayed, Freezing, Choppy, or Keeps Closing

First, ensure that your login is not timing out by following the steps on this page.

If the issue persists, you may have a browser extension or software issue, most commonly related to a VPN, browser add-on, or firewall/antivirus software. Popular add-ons for browsers and routers include ad-blockers and firewall. These programs commonly interfere with the chat room pop-out window, forcing it to close or stutter instead of stream smoothly.

Temporarily turn off any VPN, third-party antivirus, or firewall software that is running on your computer or router and sign in again at to see if the issue is resolved. If not, try following the steps listed in the next section.

Video or Audio Issues or Data Issues with Charts and Scanners

Video, data, or audio issues could be related to old hardware, outdated software, or network issues. To identify where latency is coming from, please follow the steps below to check chatroom latency.

How to Check Chatroom Latency when Delayed

  1. In your chat room Settings menu, go to Help
  2. Click Check Server Time
  3. Monitor the delay and gap for about 5-10 seconds to ensure the numbers are relatively consistent.
  4. Note down the Gap and Delay numbers.
    • If the Delay is over 1000, we suggest trying the same Check ServerTime test using one of the following to see if it will get better results: a private/incognito window, a different browser, a different computer, a hardwired connection to your router, or a different network. Please also confirm that you meet or exceed our full system requirements here.
    • If the Gap is over 1000, we suggest syncing your computer clock on Windows. Note this is unnecessary for Mac computers.

If you have tried all the steps above, meet the system requirements, and still have issues, please reach out to our support team directly via the Support Room or by opening a ticket.

How to Sync Clock in Windows

  1. Go to your Settings (press the Windows key, then type Settings)
  2. Type in the search box Date Time and click on Date & time settings
  3. Scroll down to Additional settings
  4. Click Sync now
  5. If you still have issues after the clock sync, please proceed to the next set of instructions below.

Audio is Working, but Video is Not

Video issues are often a result of a browser extension or browser cache interfering. To troubleshoot:

  1. Sign out of the chatroom and open an incognito or private window on your browser (use your browser menu or press "CTRL+SHIFT+P" on Firefox or  "CTRL+SHIFT+N" on Chrome or Edge).
  2. Sign in to our website at and click to enter the chat room.
  3. Open the desired screen share in the chat room and observe if issues persist.

If this resolves the issue, you may wish to disable your browser extensions, use a compatible browser that does not have the extensions installed, or create an exception for our website within the settings of these programs. Please refer to the instructions for the specific program you are using for how to complete this.

Video has Poor Resolution

The streaming provider we use streams with low latency which means that it is set up for a close-to-real-time experience with very little lag for video streaming. To make this possible, it reduces the resolution of the stream to match the bandwidth of your network connections. 

If your video resolution is inferior and no announcement has been made to inform the community of known issues, the best solution is to try to improve your internet connection. This might be achieved by:

  • Reset your router or unplug the power and plug it back in 1 minute later
  • If you are using a wireless connection, switch to a hardwired connection
  • Try using a different computer
  • Try a different network provider or upgrade your internet to higher bandwidth.

You may also wish to try viewing the stream through a private browser window in the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser to reduce the possibility of interference from the browser cache and plug-ins.

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